Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All Must Come to an End

To begin my farewell, I would like to point out that I enjoyed this class immensely. It was by far the most entertaining class that I took this semester, and I really enjoyed the texts that we read as well. To be completely honest, (and please don't take offense to this Dr. Sexon, I try not to stereotype, but sometimes do make incorrect assumptions based upon previous experiences) upon entering the classroom and seeing Dr. Sexon I did not think I was going to enjoy it very much. I have taken classes from numerous courses from older English professors that were so dry and boring that I had to drink a red bull after class to make it through the day. Although many of them were very knowledgeable about the topic that they taught, I was unable to learn anything through their monotonous droning on. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. Dr. Sexon was by far the most entertaining professor I have had thus far in my college career. I love that he is not afraid to talk crudely and refer to the fart jokes made in Hermes. He made everything interesting and made us all laugh numerous times throughout the semester. I never found the class boring, which quite frankly is unheard of. Overall, it was a wonderful course and I can't wait to take another from Dr. Sexon next semester.

Coming into this class I knew very little about classical literature and mythology. I knew a little bit about the gods, and bits and pieces of well known myths, but that is about it. It's funny actually, I took a mythologies class this semester thinking that I would learn all about Greek and Roman myths, but it was in this class that I actually did. I feel much more knowledgeable about the Greeks and Romans and their myths after taking this class. Not only has reading their works helped me to learn about them and Thieu culture, but it has given me new insight to today as well. During the first week or two of class Dr. Sexon asked us to bring in a paper, read the articles, and to see what aspects of the past we could find in our present. I'm pretty sure that I gave him a weird confused look because I had no idea what he was talking about. All that I saw were events that occurred during my lifetime, and I could not connect them to the past. I guess I didn't really see how the past and the present truly are connected. I feel like I am much more able to find such connections now than I was before. Learning the background information, such as the myths and stories, has made me much more equipped to find the connections. It is extremely difficult to compare two things when you know absolutely nothing about one of them. The class has not only given me more information, but has helped me view things differently. Although, I am not going to lie, I was not particularly fond of the blogging, I think that it did help me to find connections with the readings and my circumstantially bound life. It forced me to think more deeply, and I am thankful for that.

I am not really sure what else I have learned from the class. I think that it is something that I will have to look back on to really tell, but I am okay with that. All I know is that it has helped mold the person that I will become, and I am thankful to Dr. Sexon as well as my classmates for enabling that.

I wish everyone good luck in the future, and will probably see many of you in other classes. Have a great summer, and take care.

Thanks again Dr. Sexon, and please forgive my mistake on the first day. I have learned from that as well.

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